Saturday, January 4, 2014

Antique Center of Texas with NWHPC

Had a pleasant breakfast with seven members of the NWHPC Meet up then over to the Antique Center of Texas. I always try to shoot on themes in antique stores and it seems that most of the themes originate at the Antique Center. The first time I shot there they had a large number of religious artifacts so when I went there the second time I expected to shoot the same thing. Couldn’t find any; so I switched to freaky toys. Well to day there were religious artifacts but hardly any freaky toys. I decided to shoot anything that looked like a person so I shot mostly manikins, figurines and dolls. Anyway, it was a good shoot and I was very pleased with a couple of the religious artifact shots.

I knew they would eventually come with numbers.

Alcy always models a hat or two in antique stores.

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