Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Last Day of the Renaissance Festival

I think I may be trying to make up for the almost thirty years that I resisted going to the Renaissance Festival. Today was my third trip this year. I went with Jerry and Darnell Klumpp. The plan today was to use the Lensbaby and I took along two neutral density filters to do ICM shots. I never took off the 70-200mm and did what I did the first two trips, collected heads. Having Jerry along was great inspiration because he also enjoys photographing people. I have always been envious of him in the past because he seems to find asking for the photograph so easy and I always find it so difficult. But, I’m practicing. It is going to be difficult to wait until next year to go back. I think the ladies got more beautiful with each trip. 


  1. Nice shots Gary. We got some of the same ones although you got a few I missed. I like the softness that surrounds your subjects, it really draws me into the image.

  2. Jerry, thank you. It is risky using such a shallow depth of field and I do lose shots because I miss the focus. However it is be best cure that I know of for the time travelers from the 21st Century that insist on getting into all the longer shots. I am pleased with what I got and even with some of the ones that are softer than they should be.