Monday, December 2, 2013

More That I Couldn't Resist

A 70-200mm f/2.8 is an intimidating lens. I am always appreciative when someone let me poke it into their face to take a photograph. On a number of occasions I was within the minimum focusing distance of four and a half feet and had to back away for the shot. Yet everyone remained pleasant and cooperative. As I said, I think next year I want seasons tickets. The people at the festival are absolutely great and a lot of fun. Thank you again. Now it is on to Dickens on the Strand in Galveston next weekend for three days. At the Renaissance Festival the temperatures were in the sixties to eighties all three weekends. Next weekend is predicted to be in the forties, more like the reenactment at Liendo Plantations. Should be interesting.

This last couple had not yet arrived at the festival. They were coming in as we were leaving. I stopped them on the road and asked if I could be the first person to photograph them that day. They needless to say said yes.

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