Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas to Everyone

Alcy, Debi and I got together today for our Christmas dinner. For a long time Debi has been wanting to take us to Snappy’s in Katy, today we made it. Snappy’s is the type of café that you generally find on the square of some small town far from the likes of Houston. Just good food, community comradary—a great place for the locals to get together. No snobbery, down to earth, my kind of place to eat.

Alcy ordered waffles and grits (remember she is from the north so grits is a stretch), Debi ordered a hamburger and I ordered something that I dearly love but seldom find on the menu—liver and onions with cream gravy.

When I placed my order the waitress commented, “Oh, the anti-Christmas meal.” Alcy and Debi thought that very funny. I wasn’t aware there was an anti-Christmas meal but the comment does bring up a question: why is liver and onions any less Christmas than waffles or hamburger. I enjoyed it but there was way more food than I could eat so I brought the remains home for the dog. Of course, I don’t have a dog.

I have a great life, a very blessed life and wonderful friends. Only one thing is always missing.


  1. Merry Christmas, Gary!\ And may God bless you with good health and good friends and many more photographic opportunities in 2014!

  2. Jan, thank you and the same to you and Ronnie. Been keeping up with your posts of Henry so I get the feeling that things are more than happy at the moment in the Ward household.

  3. Yes, we had a nice but quiet Christmas. Only our youngest daughter and husband came - spent 2 nights and he was very ill when they left. Turned up with 104 temp the following evening. :( I'm praying she doesn't catch it - she's had her own crud for the past 6 weeks or so. I always enjoy seeing what you've been up to, photographically speaking. One could shoot every day in this city and never exhaust the photo ops.