Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Lights in the Heights

Don’t tell anyone, but these are all photographs of Christmas Lights, well that was what they were supposed to be. Alcy had to work and missed the Lights In the Heights shoot so we were going back today to photograph the houses after dark. She picked me up at 8am and we headed to the Museum of Fine Art for breakfast. Stuck around shooting in the café, the sculpture garden and the Contemporary Arts Museum until after noon.

Decided to head over to the Art Asylum, but the door was locked. I walked around to the side where I had seen a fellow unloading a van. Thought he might know why but he was gone. On the way back I noticed this starfish like thing and what appeared to be a piece of coral behind a textured glass window. Thought it would possibly make an interesting photo so I propped my arms on the window sill and shot the photo from about nine of so inches away. Got back to the car and told Alcy. She said, "Oh yeah, that's the ladies bathroom." Sure hope there wasn't anyone in there. 

We were looking for a place for lunch when we found a graffiti artist working on Washington. Stopped introduced ourselves, did some photographs. Halo, the artist is doing the illustrations, inside and out for a new restaurant that will open next month. He mentioned that Alvagraphics was in the process of redoing all the walls so we headed there. Stopped at Jax for lunch around four and when we finished rush hours traffic was getting heavy and besides it was beginning to rain so we decided to call off the night shoot. In all it was a great day of stumbling into projects to shoot. Did a lot at the museum. Did a lot of graffiti. Came home happy.



  1. Thankful to know you didn't get arrested for shooting into the ladies room window!

  2. Your colors have become so saturated, sharp and vibrant that they make the work shout out, "LOOK AT ME!!!!" Pleas elet me know when you have your next gallery show. I'd love to make the trip...

  3. Yeah, I know, ain't that the truth. Alcy called me pervert the rest of the day. Who puts starfish and coral in the ladies bathroom?

    Paul, thank you. Not too sure about that gallery thing but I appreciate the thought. You are always welcome, show or not. One day I still want to show you Texas.