Sunday, November 10, 2013

Not A Happy Camper

Debi Beauregard invited me to go along to the Renaissance Festival up near Planterville. I had never been. I enjoyed it very much but came away very unhappy with myself. This is the total for a full day of shooting.

I am of a mind to go back next weekend and not leave until I have asked at least a hundred people to sit for a photograph. But I won’t and I wouldn’t if I did.

I started out full of vim and petered out much too quickly. The light was beautiful, the crowds were sparse and there were hundreds of people to photograph. Then the sun broke through, the crowds arrived and the possibilities diminished. If I could be sure that the sky would be overcast next weekend I would be back at the Festival—okay, maybe I wouldn’t. Photowalks is going to the Galveston Railroad Museum and it’s about the same distance to Plantersville as it is to Galveston so maybe it is a possibility that I will. Nah, I won’t. Oh, well. Maybe if someone would go along that would keep count.

I will try to do better at the Civil War reenactment at the Liendo Plantation on Saturday and Via Colori on Sunday the following weekend.


  1. Partly Cloudy on Saturday, forecast rain on Sunday.... just might get your wish!