Friday, November 8, 2013

New Book of My Photographs




    2012 by Gary Woodard
    Make Your Own Book



In 2011 I did a 52 photo project where you select one photo each week to talk about. I posted the project to The Photography Schoolhouse because I knew if I didn't that I would not have the discipline to finish the project. At completion I put the project into a book. The problem was that some weeks I didn't have any photograph that I felt was good enough for the project and some weeks I had more than one that was. The one a week limited the options so I included some photographs that really were not important to me and some weeks I had to leave out important photographs. 

I really liked discussing some of my photographs. I just was not satisfied with the format. Recently I decided to do the same thing for the photographs of 2012 but not limited to a time frame, just pick out photographs that I felt were personal enough to have a story. I still do the journals which included almost everything thing that I do but they do not offer the luxury of discussing individual images, this book does. If this works for 2012 I may continue it to 2013. 

Then the sales pitch. The book is available from Blurb as a PDF for $6 or in soft cover for $51. The preview is only 15 pages but there are 125 pages and  photographs in the book. You can see a preview of the complete book on Blurb.


  1. Hello Gary. I was pleased to be able to find your blogs. It has been a while since we have talked. It would be nice to catch up sometime. I am reading with interest your other blog. I haven't done much in the way of significant photography for a while but am looking through my viewfinder again. Good to see all your writings; I am going to visit your flickr page as well. Bekkie

  2. Bekkie, great to have you aboard. I have continued to follow your work on Flickr and am very impressed with how you have grown. Glad to see you back in the game. Flickr and I are having difficulties so all of my new stuff has been posted to PhotoNet for the past couple of months or more..

  3. I will indeed take a look at PhotoNet. Looking forward to chatting with you again!