Thursday, November 14, 2013


Went to a lecture on abstract expressionism at the Katy Contemporary Arts Museum. Got there a little early and walked over to KT Antique Store to do a few photographs. Didn't have a lot of time but shot a few Christmas items.

The last two are Stella and Sophie's French cousin Suzette, I believe. She was lurking in a phone booth. Debi has a dress form which she carriers in her trunk for photographic purposes. The original was named Stella, but Debi changed jobs and had to leave Stella behind. The replacement is named Sophie. They show up in very unusual places, sorta like Suzette.


  1. You say every photograph you take is a self portrait? I'm still trying to figure "these ones" out!

  2. Figuratively a self portrait. LOL from the standpoint that what you point your camera towards makes a statement about the photographer. The 'self portrait' is not always easy to find even though it most often is easier for the viewer to find than it is for the photographer. I would interpret these to mean that I have an interest in Christmas ornamentation. However, that is my shade of red and I'd probably be darn cute in a green beret and polka dot red and green bow! Okay, so I wouldn't. In truth and probably it would be more accurate to say that I will shoot anything that looks like a person or can metaphorically be a person. My photography is littered with dolls, sculptures, manikins--anything that I can see as a person. I will even shoot dead fish and tombstones if I can see a connection to either a person or my life.

  3. I don't know, I think the green beret works but do leave off the polka dot bow. ;)