Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Chapel of the Castle

The chapel was a small round room opening only to the outdoors. It was very difficult to shoot in but it is where I got my favorite shots of the day. I don’t know that I should try to explain any of these photographs. Don’t know that I could. I hope that they have all the mystery of faith, all the conflict of the light against the darkness. I went back to the chapel on three separate occasions to get different light and came home with a number of photographs that I like very much.

I showed the following photograph to Alcy today and was a little surprised when she asked what it is. Another case of the 'moment of conception' not carrying across to the viewer. This of course is the same cross that appears in several of the photographs. It is not a crucifix although there almost seems a ghostly image on the front of the cross that does not appear in the other photographs. I cut the window above the cross into but I am not sure why other than it just seemed right. I know I see things in my photographs that others don't but to me the cross here seems to be maybe part cross part angel and to me its shape brings to mind Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro.

The crucifix below, also pictured above, is interesting. There are several smaller crucifix and Madonna figures on the alter. This is the central and largest of the crucifix. The cross itself is crude, you might say medieval, very homemade in appearance. But the most interesting thing and I think it is emphasized in this photograph. Rather than having the arms straight out to the side as in most crucifix, here the arms are raised almost as if in an expression of victory--even the bend and tilt of the head seems to carry the feeling of humility in victory. 

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  1. 1, 6 and 8 my favorites - simple, powerful. also not being Catholic, i much prefer to see an empty cross, since Jesus' death on the cross was not the end of that story! nice work, as always.