Sunday, October 20, 2013

Newman Castle, Bellville, Texas

Saundra Salter invited Debi and I to go with the Inside the Loop Photography group to visit Mike Newman's Castle. It is an impressive building. Even more so when you consider that one man with one helper has constructed the building. It is Mike's home but he is building a new tower with six bedrooms so I feel he must be considering a bed and breakfast type arrangement. Visiting groups are limited to 20 people and presently if you bring a sleeping bag you can spend the night for just the admission price of $15 which includes a meal. I will get more photographs up tomorrow.

We stuck around for a sunset photo but to begin with I left my tripod at home so I was shooting hand held which meant terribly high ISO and second the sunset fizzled. Not a cloud in the sky and no haze to pick up any color. The sky was dull blue gray. But it is a full moon. If those that stayed the night will get up in the early AM they should be able to get some interesting shots with the moon. A full moon. In a castle. Don't know about the wisdom of spending the night. Would be a great spot for a Halloween party.

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