Sunday, October 13, 2013

Meager Showing for a Weekend

Alcy went to Tyler to photograph roses. Debi went to Burton to photograph a cotton gin and NWHPC was to go to Smithville for Photo Fest. I stayed home.

But I did have big plans. I was going to go see The Pine by Mickle Maher at the Catastrophic Theater on Friday Night and go to the Bayou City Art Festival on Saturday and Sunday. Friday night came and went without any theater. I'm just not good at doing things by myself--although I still might go. Saturday morning I preferred to sleep in. Besides I had a book I needed to work on if I am to get the October discount from Blurb. Sunday morning it was raining and I discovered I only had twenty bucks in my wallet so I decided to exchange a rainy art festival for breakfast.

I had a horrendous triple decker headache all Saturday night—sitting at the computer most of the day gave me a stiff neck headache in the back, my sinuses were plugged so I had a sinus headache in front and having no coffee for three days blew out the top of my head with a caffeine headache. Since it was only two more headaches than usual I decided to wait it out for a sneezing spell and a cup of coffee at Denny's. Wanted to avoid the morning crowd so I didn’t get to Denny’s until around eleven and after waiting fifteen minutes decided that there were still lots of families coming in so I decided not to take up a table for one because I really just wanted coffee and some time to read. Cancelled my table and headed toward town. The tops of all the tall building were in low clouds so I got excited about shooting but decided to stop at Whataburger for a quick burger and something caffeinated. When I came out the clouds had lifted. I thought maybe shooting at Glenwood in the rain might give it a different twist. It sort of did. To quote Mary Hartman, it was a weekend of lots of talk and very little action.

Only two of these were shot in Glenwood. The first and the cherub with the rosary. The rest were shot in Washington Cemetery which borders Glenwood. Washington, originally a German cemetery Deutsche Gesellschaft von Houston was established in 1875. The name was changed in 1918 due to the ill will toward the Germans after WWI. The historical marker posted in the cemetery dates it to 1887, only one of several inaccuracies on the marker. 


  1. no coffee for 3 days? no wonder you had a triple decker headache! hope you feel tons better soon!!

  2. I have had a headache my entire adult life, it never ever goes away completely so I have learned to live with them. I went to a doctor several years ago, spent a lot of money on tests and was told that the one in the back was probably genetic and there wasn't anything he could do about it. Sometimes they get really bad, like Saturday night when they all teamed up but they eventually do go away to some extent. Janet would only let me have one pot of coffee each day on the weekends and Sunday and Monday mornings I would wake up and could feel every follicle of hair on my head. Much worse than even Saturday night. I was concerned it might be an aneurysm it hurt so badly. Took me a while to figure out the problem and I have cut back on coffee so it is not quite so bad as it was at one time. I only drink it when I go out and on the days I hide out from the world I generally pay for it with a caffeine headache.