Friday, October 4, 2013

Houston Grand Prix

I keep getting myself into things that I know nothing about. This time it is shooting a Grand Prix. I am not a sports shooter. Debi got media passes for all three days. I was scheduled to shoot today, Friday and again Sunday. Jerry Klumpp, who is a sports shooter, and I carpooled. Sure am glad he was there. After the first couple of glitches I would probably have headed for the house. Things were very confused, not well organized at all but Jerry smoothed them over and I did get a few photographs--nothing that was on the shoot list, just photographs. Of the venues which we were able to find we were denied access. We did get to shoot in the pits and grandstands but none of the social venues. Anyway, I didn't get anything exciting. I may go back tomorrow even though I am scheduled for the World Wide Photowalk downtown at 7pm and believe me the Grand Prix wore me out today and I am sure it will tomorrow if I should decided to go. I definitely will return Sunday.

We were to shoot people having fun--the heat was unbearable so this was as close as I came to finding someone having fun

One that will not be in the race Sunday

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