Sunday, October 20, 2013

Castle Exterior and Grounds

As I mentioned, landscapes and castles are not my thing but here is my shot that documents the castle. It is an impressive building and not something you would expect to see outside of a small town in Texas

This is my unsuccessful attempt at fantasy. Shot with the Lensbaby I converted to black and white and tried adding a little additional softening on the mote. Yes, there is a mote that complete surrounds the castle along with a draw brige. I did not see any alligators in the mote. I think the biggest problem with this shot was that it was done too early in the day. Should have tried the Lensbaby later in the evening.

The rest are as darkness fell. We went to do a sunset shot but there was no color. The sky was a dull blue gray at best so, needless to say, I added the color. Mike, the owner, kindly lit several lights as the sun went down which added greatly to the images.

These are my favorite shots of the grounds

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