Sunday, October 6, 2013

Back to the Grand Prix

Again, security either did not have the word or we had been given misinformation. Anyway, we arrived at 8am just as it started to rain. We were pretty well soaked before we discovered that at the Verizon booth they were handing out ponchos. First you had to sign in to get into the area, then you had to sign in at the Verizon booth, then you had to answer questions so that they would know how to direct the sales pitch. I got through that one fairly fast by telling them that all I wanted in a telephone was a telephone--wasn't much they could sell me. Then you had to play a video game to see if you won a prize--never found out what the prize was. Finally we were to where they handed out the ponchos but again you had to punch a lot of buttons and answer a lot of questions--almost to the ponchos--being the gentleman that I am I let Debi go first. She got the very last poncho they had. All that and I was back out in the rain. Now if Verizon wasn't my carrier I would have been more understanding. I really think it was my AT&T Internet address that did me in!

The rain postponed the start of the races for a couple of hours. The wet track added some atmosphere to the first race but after that it was just cars whizzing by with a terrible background so I didn't shoot much of the race.

Debi and I shot until shortly after noon--stayed long enough to get a free meal. But we left before the big crash and all the excitement--I think that was sponsored by Verizon also!

I went in saying that I wasn't a sports photographer. I came out not a sports photographer but it was an interesting experience.

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