Monday, September 9, 2013

The Weekend

Signed up for four photoshoots for the weekend--made two. Hit the car show at Vintage Park at a little after six. Didn't take many photos but wore myself out walking. So I skipped the two shoots at the Asian Society and took a nap instead. Sunday afternoon was the opening of the new Contemporary Arts Museum in Katy. Again, went mostly to support friends rather than to take photos. Had a great time at both shoots.

A Bentley with its own handicapped parking space. I could go for that.

It didn't say DON"T TRAVEL, so we traveled. The sign was the most interesting thing we found so on the way out I did a photograph.
Debi Beauregard and Dolores Park with photos they had accepted.

Dolores Parks and one of the five photographs she had in the show.

As Alcy said, only in Katy would Denny's have handicapped parking for ducks!

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  1. Gary, there is another car show that is quite good in the Krogers parking lot at Champion Forest and Spring Cypress. I think it is every Saturday night. We went over one night and I was surprised at the number of cars there. No alcohol allowed and it is quite pleasurable to stroll through (if the weather is decent) and there are some nice folks.