Sunday, August 11, 2013

Artificial Flowers, An Antique Store and a Lensbaby

Okay, I’m hung up on the Lensbaby.

I am very, very bad to people that photographs flowers. I am surprised that anyone that shoots flowers will still talk to me, much less hang out with me. I won’t go into the details here but I see flowers as being a great place to hide. There is little that a photograph of a flower will reveal about the photographer so I call it safe photography.

Nobody actually sees a photograph of a flower as a photograph anyway—they invariably see it as a flower in spite of how much I yell at them. People, it ain’t a flower—it is lines, shapes, forms and color but it ain’t a flower—it’s a photograph. Rant over.

Alcy is an avid flower photographer. I do my level best to avoid walking anywhere near a flower because I know for absolutely certain that once she sees it we are going to be there until she has the photograph that she feels is necessary. It also means that when she gets to pick the location of the shoot it is going to be in some %@$# garden—so because I have this compulsion to hear the shutter click—I shoot flowers and immediately go into penitence mode.

I do enjoy shooting in antique stores. My two main antique store themes are religious artifacts and in lieu of that, freaky toys. Every antique store is going to have one or both. We had a couple of hours to kill this afternoon so we stopped in an antique store on FM2920. I noticed an arrangement of artificial flowers that I thought might be interesting with the Lensbaby—one thing lead to another and I ended up ignoring the religious artifacts and the plethora of freaky toys to shoot artificial flowers.

I had the camera set to monochrome and fully intended to process the images as black and white—did a few that way but then decided to try color. I think color won out but the jury is still out on that one. Anyway, here is something close to how I think flowers should be photographed. Yes, you are right these are really not flowers—just plastic. And yes, these are photographs, not flowers.

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