Monday, July 29, 2013

St Paul's Methodist Church

Had an interesting weekend shoot in the Museum district. As usual we shot a lot of different things so it is difficult to make a single posting. I meet a fellow member of NWHPC at St Paul’s Methodist, across the street from the MFA around eight or so. I was supposed to meet with a few other photographers in the café at the MFA at 9:30. Only problem is that the café didn’t open until 11. Jerry and I shot around the church until most of the others joined us. We wandered over to the sculpture garden and then to the MFA. We wandered around between those three locations and the CAM for most of the day. Then we drove out to an abandoned building on West 18th to shoot the painted over graffiti. My pictures at the church were disappointing but I did get a phone number so that I can set up a photoshoot inside the church in the future. It is a beautiful building both inside and out. So I will be going back.

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