Monday, July 29, 2013

Abandoned Walgreens on West 18th

The last stop of the day was an abandoned building, used to be a Walgreens some years ago. As usual it gets its share of graffiti but apparently there are people hired to paint over it as soon as it appears. I have been shooting there for three years or so. I have never seen any graffiti, only the over painting. I love the randomness on the paint applications, especially if some of the markings of the graffiti are not thoroughly covered. The paint used is not opaque so there is an interesting range of tones and color mixes. I go through it looking for my own little Rothko's. The paint this time was not nearly as colorful as it often is so when I processed the images I was torn between retaining the subtleties of the colors or doing my usual and intensifying the color. Since I like color I went with my usual. After everyone was finished shooting we stood around and talked for a while, giving me time to do some photographs of the splattered paint on the walk and parking areas.

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