Thursday, May 23, 2013


Alcy wanted to go to Galveston. We went by the Texas City Dike but didn't find much interesting. I did get a shot or two of "blue" for next months print competition at NWHPC.

There is a very old and large cemetery located on Broadway as you drive into Galveston. As much as I enjoy shooting in cemeteries I have never photographed there because the backgrounds surrounding the cemetery are not very interesting. As we drove by Alcy noticed that the entire cemetery was covered in a blanket of yellow flowers so there was no way we were going to drive by. Yeah, I know, I converted the photographs to black and white because finding poignancy at high noon is difficult. I am sure Alcy got plenty of yellow flower photographs.

Decided to take the ferry over to Bolivar and see if we could locate the rookery at High Island. We did but didn't linger. Drove down to the beach and I shot probably my three thousandth photograph of the edge. Not sure I have it yet but I did get one that I like.

We planned to go back to the cemetery for some late afternoon photographs but we waited for over an hour to get the ferry back to Galveston Island. Instead we headed over to Offat's Bayou to see if we could come up with something similar to a sunset. A serendipitous moment when the paddle wheeler The Colonel from Moody Gardens steamed into the Bayou on a late evening cruise. I ran out of media card but I hope Alcy got something descent. It came down and turned right in front of us but I was running to the car for a new card and missed it--you know how slowly old people run.


Can you tell I just got a book about Camera Work?

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