Saturday, May 4, 2013

Architects of Air Luminarium

I am running way behind on blot posts—taking too many photographs.

Almost a week ago Debi Beauregard was covering the Architects of Air Luminarium that is visiting Houston for the Katy Times. She took me along as her blogger—whatever that is. The Luminarium is a 125 foot long blowup playhouse. Think of it as a giant balloon animal or a very lumpy air mattress that you get to travel around on the inside. Portions of the top are colored translucent material that provides the multicolored lighting inside. It is an amazing space to take photographs. It will be leaving Houston tomorrow. I have visited the Luminarium twice more since the shoot with Debi. I am not sure but what I will be going back tomorrow. Needless to say, I have considerably behind on processing the photographs. I can’t post nearly all of them to the blog but here are two links where some additional photographs are posted: Flickr, NWHPC Meet Up Photos.

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