Sunday, April 7, 2013

The IRS Adventure

It is a long inconsequential story involving the IRS, unimportant except that it got me out of the house. I metroed downtown but not having paid a lot of attention to the address I never found where I was going. Instead I took metrorail to the Museum of Fine Art, bought a book and had a glass of tea in the museum cafĂ© while I read about 20th Century Photography.

Heading back downtown to catch the bus home I decided to jump off at the HCC station to photograph a building in the 2800 block of Main. There is graffiti entirely surrounding the building so I figured I would find something to photograph. But before I arrived there I noticed a very brightly painted building a block over on San Jacinto so I detoured. What caught my attention was a cross against a bright red and green background. There were two fellows painting the exterior and as I slowly walked by looking for the best place to photograph the cross, one of the fellows asked if I would like to go inside. I asked what was inside and learned that it was The Lord of the Street homeless shelter. I told Alcy that I should possibly consider upgrading my wardrobe. I will need to go back to photograph the cross from across the street using a longer lens—on my very long ‘need to go back and redo’ bucket list.

At the building on main I found a number of abstracts and probably missed a couple of hundred more. The photographs can be loosely broken into four  categories: social documentation as design, documentation of the graffiti (possibly a subset of social documentation), design and randomness.
Social Documentation



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