Sunday, July 15, 2012


As often happens, something that I was not particularly enthusiastic about turned out to be very enjoyable. This was Alcy’s last Saturday off for probably quite some time so she and Debi wanted to go somewhere to shoot. Debi suggested Wallis. The only thing that excited me about the suggestion was that Wallis was south of I-10, an area that we don’t get into very often.

The first stop was the Atwater Prairie Chicken reserve. Met up with a new photographer there, Diane Crane. She might start joining us on some of our adventures. The reserve was not my cup of tea but Alcy got to shoot lots of wild flowers. Okay, so I shot some also. The only exciting thing was the alligator that came over to investigate what we were doing but I didn’t get any usable photos. I did one pano that I haven’t worked on yet, probably tomorrow. Thinking about suggesting that Paul use panos on the trip we are planning in October. Wanted to see how it might work out.

You could spend a day photographing in Wallis and we almost did. Met a couple of the shop keepers that came out to offer advice on the weather, where to eat and what to photograph. Had a pound and a half hamburger at the City Meat Market. Well I did; no one else could finish theirs. Me, if I’m paying for it I’m gona eat it. Then had a long conversation with Mug Shot, at his motorcycle shop, Lost Boys Motorcycles. He’s from New York City but has had motorcycle and tattoo shops in several South Texas towns. He invited us back for a charity rally taking place next Saturday. I think Debi and I will probably go. Seems a young man that bought a Harley from him got it on the freeway before he was experienced enough and got himself killed so they are doing a charity event for the family. He expects maybe three hundred bikers. Should be interesting.

I really enjoyed most everything but the reserve. As usual my favorite was the Guardian Angel Catholic church. Absolutely gorgeous. I have got to do the Painted Churches tour. My photographs of the church for the most part were disappointing but I am pleased I had the opportunity to do the shoot.

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