Friday, July 20, 2012

Using Layers

Actually I did enter the July competition at NWHPC. The Out of the Box assignement was to use layers so I did a couple of photographs.

The first is a panorama taken at the San Jacinto Monument. Generally when you do a panorama you take a number of photos either horizontally or vertically overlapping each one by approximately a third. As everyone knows Woodard is not generally generally. I took ten photographs of the monument with the camera turned at different angles. Instead of using stitching software to put the pano together I did it manually. Had fun--the primary reason for owning a camera.

A couple of months ago Alcy and I went to the Shangri-La Botanical Gardens in Orange. We stopped in Beaumont for me to work on my Hwy 287 project and stumbled across an exhibit of marine paintings at the Fine Arts Museum of Southeast Texas. I shot a photograph of Alcy looking at one of the paintings. I thought maybe if I replaced the paintings with her photographs it might make an interesting photograph. When asked how I did it I explained that Alcy had left in my care a number of her photographs which I emailed to the museum and asked them to replace the paintings so I could paste in the snap of her--well that is a little far fetched and no one fell for it. The club was very pleased that I entered two photographs that did not require an argument.

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