Monday, July 9, 2012


I just posted a new thread. As I finished reviewing the post I strolled down to this photograph of Janet which I posted without comment yesterday. I have always contended that we have a very difficult time understanding ourselves. Maybe that is just me. Maybe everyone else in this world knows exactly who they are and maybe even why they are. I was never that smart. For me it has always been a struggle—sometimes on a daily, sometimes on an hourly basis. I’ve always had more questions than answers.

I came across this photograph yesterday when I was doing something else, don’t really remember what. I had never processed it. At the time, back in 2009, it wasn’t what I was photographing. My friend Paul would say that it didn’t speak to me. So why did it yesterday? Besides Janet’s passing what has changed in me that would cause me to now feel differently about the photograph? Yesterday I didn’t know what that was, never even considered what that was. I just felt that the photograph should be completed. Today, I know.


  1. Thanks! Yeah, I think so also. Came across this one that had never been processed.