Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I don’t know if other photographers continually rework their photographs or not, but I do. While I was out of town I missed out on a photoshoot at the Antique Center of Texas. That was disappointing because I had greatly enjoyed a photoshoot there just over a year ago and now they have an even bigger facility.

To make up for that I was looking at some of the photographs from the previous shoot and decided to play around with a few of them. I think that it is interesting that time changes the way I see my photographs. Often I will post photographs to a venue and within a day or two will decided that I should have done something differently in post processing. Of course, that is mostly because I am anxious to share the photo. I guess the longest period between taking and processing was the Movement Series that I shot in the 1960’s and didn’t process until around 2002—almost forty years. I was very disappointed with the original photographs so it required digital post before I actually did anything with them. Don’t have that much time left any more so the reprocessing generally is not that delayed. LOL

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