Friday, June 15, 2012


Being over seventy has at least one perk—I no longer have to pay Metro fares. But a perk is only a perk if you take advantage of it and sorry to say, I have big plans but like Tom and Dennis I’m lots of talk and very little action. I really looked forward to sixty-five when I got reduced Metro fares but I had other obligations. Then there was seventy and I’ve taken some advantage but not nearly enough. Well yesterday I did.

It was a very hot and very miserable day in Houston—typical Summer day. The morning looked promising, heavy overcast, pockets of light rain, lots of atmosphere. Now that is not what prompted the adventure—that was planned well in advance of the weather. Alcy and I met for breakfast and then drove over to the Metro Park and Ride on North Shepherd. We arrived just as 108 was pulling out so instead we caught 79 into downtown. Well 79 goes through every road repair and Metrorail construction site between the Park and Ride and downtown. We spent more time sitting still than we did moving which made us late meeting Debi at the Subway on Main and Preston. So we got a much slower start than intended and the atmosphere had turned to beating sun—but the day made up for it. We were all dragging when it was over. We walked first this way and then that way until we had covered at least a quarter of downtown Houston. Okay, now maybe that doesn’t sound like much, but try it at seventy. We traveled on the streets in the heat, in the tunnel, along the Bayou, up down and all around. We shot whatever was offered and missed a thousand shots for every one taken, but that’s okay also.

In the end we caught 108 back to the Park and Ride—much better as 108 travels the HOV lane. Grabbed a cold one at Denny’s and headed home to process photographs.

I really should do that more often.

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