Monday, May 28, 2012

Veteran's Cemetery Again

After dinner yesterday I decided to drive back out the the Veteran's Memorial Cemetery. I didn't stay long. There was a large number of people and I really didn't want to distrub anyone by taking photographs.

There was a service this morning that I thought I might attend if I could Metro. I've been there when the cemetery is crowded and the traffic is terrible. The problem is that the bus stop is a good half mile from the Hemicycle--a long walk for an old person. especially when carrying camera equipment. Maybe I will get out there in the next day or two for some sunrise photographs.

I dug the following photo out of the 2010 archives. I believe this was actually taken on the Forth of July but it might have been Memorial Day. I was heading downtown for some celebration via way of Hardy, I believe. I had to turn around an drive back to get this photo. Janet loved pictures of the US Flag. I still have some that she had collected before we were married that are hanging in the hall along with a framed flag that we got from her great grandfather's grave some years ago after the Memorial Day celebration.

Another one from the 2010 archive, taken the morning of the wreath laying. They had requested background photographs of the features at the cemetery, including some sunrise shots so I got there very early.


  1. Without a doubt, the best photos I've EVER seen taken at Veterans Cemetery. WOW!!!

  2. Birdies, thank you very much. That's a very nice compliment.

  3. Gary, I have NO idea how my name got to be "Birdies" ?? but just in case you are wondering where the compliment came from, it was me. And I meant that sincerely. I viewed these photos either from my tablet or phone and didn't realize when I saw them at a reduced size that the flag was not made of cloth - I thought you just got lucky. But I still think it's awesome!