Thursday, May 10, 2012

Galveston Again...

For someone that swore five years ago that if I ever had to look at another sunrise or sunset photo again I would probaly upchuck in spite of everything, I sure seem to be taking a lot of both lately. Obviously, I didn't mean ones that I had taken.

Alcy wanted to do a sunrise and sunset in Galveston and who am I to turn down a trip to Galveston where I didn't have to drive. We met at 4am for breakfast and didn't get back until nearly 11pm. It was a very long day for an old man.

We picked out a spot on West Beach with a fishing pier for foreground to do the sunrise. Made two trips to Bolivar on the ferry, spent an hour rocking on the deck at Murdocks watching the pelicans feed, Went to East Beach for no good reason but I added the Dunkin Plover to my life list, had a great lunch at Miller's on the Seawall, On the second trip over to Bolivar we drove around, mostly photographing birds but looking for foreground for the sunset.

Since the sun sets on the back side of Galveston Island there is not a real good place to do a sunset shot. I thought that shooting from the Bolivar Ferry landing on Bolivar might work, but we decided to look around to see if we could find another spot. There is some private property that you likely could get permission to shoot in Port Bolivar. The old light house has possibilities but no water, we wanted water. We ended up back at the ferry landing for the sunset shots. Unfortunately there was no interesting cloud formations but under the right conditions the landing has lots of possibilities. I probably should have changed lenses but I shot both the sunrise and the sunset with the 17-35mm because I wanted to get a lot of sky. Worked okay for the sunrise but with no clouds not so good for the sunset. However, I am pleased with the photos.

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