Saturday, May 12, 2012

Annual Art Car Parade

Well, Miss Scarlet, I’m a little hacked with myself right now. NWHPC set a meet up to shoot the Annual Art Car Parade. We do it every year but this is only my second time. As most know, I do not go to the Parade to shoot the cars, I go to shoot the people.

Since I am still recuperating from the trip to Galveston Wednesday, I was tired before I arrived. I only stayed a couple of hours and after I got home and looked at the photos I am kicking myself for not staying longer and for not shooting more while I was there. I probably shot less than a third of what I shot last year. Now I have to wait until the Forth of July for another big parade gathering and I’m not sure it is as full of interesting people as the Art Car. Well, that’s water under the bridge Woodard…forge on.

As always I got a few photographs that I like. Maybe someone will like one or two of them.

This was the Houston Grand Opera Float. There were Viking helmets that the kids were wearing for the parents photographs. This young fellow was a little reluctant for reasons of which I could probably relate. Never liked looking a tad foolish--and getting caught at it anyway. It appears he didn't either.

This is the first float in the parade. When it drove up to get in line the manikins were lying down so they appeared to be girlakins. I supposed they are suppose to be jumping out of a cake. When the fellow climbed up to set them up right I was a little surprised because it seems more appropriate for the Gay Pride Parade. Oh well. It would be interesting to know how the line up order is established.

This fellow was much in demand considering that attached to the car there are maybe two hundred fish and lobsters, maybe many more—there’s a lot. They are timed to Handel's  Messiah. At each hallelujah the lobsters raise up, their mouths open and a red light comes on inside their mouth. The fish’s heads swing to the side and do the same. He had a large box of replacements with him.

I was so pleased to see this fellows shirt. I have wanted someone to ask my opinion on the CW's Newfix. I consider it the biggest waste of two hours on television (there's a 6pm and a 9pm broadcast). When you consider that it is in contention with, and rates under, such gems as Marty Springer, Steve Wilco and Family Guy that's a pretty low opinion. The closest any other new program gets is Fox's constant promotions of American Idol during their "news casts." Of course, keep in mind I have ABC, CBS, PBS and NBC blocked on my TV so this might be an unfair comparison when all is included.

These are my three favorite shots of the day. Sure wish I had taken more. Is the whole world gay? Did I somehow miss that memo?

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