Sunday, March 4, 2012

Too Far Behind do anything but post a few of the photographs.

One of the sculptures at Portofino
Alcy and Debi photographing at Portofino
Fountain at Portofino
Michelle for the Family Photoshoot at Woodlands Waterway
Corey and Michelle from the Family Photoshoot
Michelle, Corey and Brent at Woodlands Waterway
Alcy at Mercer Arboretum
Katy Kite Festival
Entertainer at the Katy Kite Festival

Kassandra at a hair salon in Friendswood

Mykala at a hair salon in Friendswood
Kassandra at the hair salon
Mykala at the hair salon
Hair Salon customer that is not really sold on the idea of having her picture taken

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