Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Monday Morning...

I find photographer’s obsession with true color fascinating. Mainly because I don’t believe that it ever exists in a photograph. There are simply too many factors that govern the perception of color. A blond in a red sweater is going to be a blond in a red sweater regardless of whether she is located in daylight, tungsten, fluorescent, or mercury vapor lighting. We know that the photographic medium is going to record her differently in each situation but in real life we adjust the colors to what we perceive they should be. Therefore I never get hung up on true color. My definition of color is what I want it to be. I have changed the colors of the photographs taken in the fog yesterday morning from deep golds to purples to aquas, to greens. I have increased the saturation and desaturated. Some look better one way, some another. And some looked best just black and white.

I like fog. I like anything that narrows and encloses the world--a forest, a room, night or fog. It simplifies the world and sometimes, that's just a good thing to do both literally and figuratively.

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