Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cummings Comes to Mind

Poets can invent words. Well, I guess the correct term is coin rather than invent. In Just, Cummings coined two words that I have always enjoyed, mudluscious and puddlewonderful. I don’t know what either one means, or at least what they meant to Cummings. But I’ve played in mud puddles, made mud pies and even at my advanced age I think I know something of both. I don’t believe it was really mud or puddles that Cummings had in mind but that experience of mud and puddles and the nostalgia of remembering that experience. Sometimes I like to see the world in colors that seem to me to be mudlucious and puddlewonderful. It is usually when the world is too much with me. Today, it’s the state of photography. What does the world look like mudlucious and puddlewonderful, I have no idea so that means it could be anything.


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  2. Jan, thanks. Sometimes the world is just better out of focus. Jerry Klumpp wanted to do a photoshoot in Heights Villiage. I got there and hour early and walked around shooting everything with the Lensbaby which I liked. But yesterday I was playing with the Hue tool and really enjoyed turning the Heights into mudlucious. I always need to do something like that after a competetion night at the club. LOL