Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What an Amazing Place

The Concert Hall at Roundtop

The grounds around the Concert Hall are equally impressive.

Alcy wanted to drive to Roundtop because she heard that there was a good place there to eat. She invited me to go along. Well, there may be a good place there to eat but it is not opened on Monday. We didn't take any photographs in Roundtop although there is much there to photograph. We made a fortuitous turn into the drive to the Concert Hall and spent several hours photographing the hall and the surrounding grounds. Then we drove to LaGrange where people also do not eat on Monday. In October I met the owner of Bistro 108 which I was photographing his building--also on Monday, so I should have know that it would not be open, but I forgot. There are three other eateries located on the square, all but one closed. Alcy had quiche and I had a meatloaf sandwich at Latte on the Square. Now I know why country people are so skinny—they don’t eat on Mondays. Had a great day and came home with a few photographs.


  1. John, thanks. We sort of stumbled onto the concert hall and we were both blown away by it. I can't wait to get back with a tripod. Alcy and I are planning on going back and then I think we may set it up as a field trip for the camera club. We got so carryied away with the hall that we wore ourselves out before we go to shoot any photographs in Roundtop itself. The fellow we spoke with was happy to let us in to do whatever we wanted in photograph. He turned on the lights and left us to it.