Friday, February 17, 2012

Not Bad for a Rainy Friday

The weather report was for heavy rains and flooding but Alcy had promised to go with me to J C Penny’s to spend a gift card I had received and I didn't want to go shopping alone. Had no idea what I was going to buy but ended up with a Crusinart coffee maker. I haven't made coffee at home since Janet pulled our last coffee maker off the counter a couple of years ago. Guess I can learn how to do it all over again. Unfortunately I went to the grocery store yesterday so now it will be at least three weeks before I can buy coffee which will please Denny’s I’m sure.

The table cloths weren't so bad. There was Crayolas so that you could draw on them.
Afterwards we went to Romano's Macaroni Grill, Alcy's treat. Like when have you ever known me to go to a restaurant with table cloths of my own volition? Debated whether or not to order the Chicken Under Brick but I was concerned that with the brick it might require killing your own chicken so went with the fettuccine instead. I was pleased that the serving seemed reasonably small until I started eating and the bowl just kept getting deeper and deeper.

I told her this reminded me of "ole hungry eyes" in the M&M commercial for
chocolate covered pretzels. That's a pretty intent stare at the chocolate.
Then we drove back over to Old Town Spring to see if we could find the new camera store, I Hart Camera. This time we found it but it wasn't open. We walked around taking photos and ended up buying a half pound of chocolate fudge at Ellen's. The Amaretto chocolate was good but I preferred the fudge with peanut butter. Might have to learn to make that myself.

Finally the rain started and we headed home.

This is not Helsinki by a long shot but I decided to imitate Juha's driving photographs that I have been admiring.
Going to take some work to catch up but I enjoyed trying out the subject matter.
I think Juha does this while he is driving--I wasn't. But there as an ambulance nearby in case I had been.


  1. Congrats on the new coffee pot. Now explain to me why you have to wait for 3 weeks to buy coffee?? Surely the stores in Houston open more often than that! ha

  2. There is no place I dislike going more than the grocery store. So, I purchased eight boxes of crackers, five loaves of bread and a twenty four pack of toilet paper. As long as I have peanute butter and either bread or crackers I can survive. Then when I am out I can make it another week, maybe two or three. Yesterday was only the second time I have been to the grocery store since Thanksgiving.

  3. Gary, nice blurry photographs from a car. Maybe I should mention that it isn't a bright idea to take photographs while driving a car. But when the car is stopped for a longer time at traffic light, this may be another matter. And we have a lot of traffic lights in Helsinki.

  4. Well, there is always the drive through at Starbucks (they sell it by the pound) if you really can't muster the energy to get to the store. You can also buy coffee at Target and Walmart. That takes less energy that 3 weeks worth of trips to Dennys. Sheesh!!

  5. I'm sorry. I was not clear. It isn't a matter of energy but I cannot say exactly what it is. I just hate buying groceries. I used to get so upset with Janet when we would go out to shop and on the way home she would want to stop at a grocery store--it wasn't like I hadn't been in one or two stores already (two is my max). I don't enjoy shopping but for some reason shopping at a grocery store really gets me worse than anything else. When I run out of milk I will not run in for a gallon of milk. I will do without until all the bread and crackers are gone and sometimes long past that point even if I have to eat dry cereal--well I stock up on oatmeal and instant grits--only requires water. I really didn't want to get a coffee maker but I wanted to use the gift certificate before it expired or I forgot that I had it. It was just that a coffee maker was about all that I did not have. In truth, I may never buy coffee and I would not be at all surprised by that. LOL I know what I will do. I will make twelve cups and then drink all of them. At Denny’s I keep it down to six or so—just enough to prevent dementia. What I really need is a reliable and really cheap online grocery store--now there is something I could vote for!!!!! I don't shop at the grocery store. I have a list of things I buy. Same list every time. I don't look for new things, check labels, I know where what I buy is located, I know which aisles to skip. If I miss something, I don't go back--I start at the back of the store and work to the front and the register. For a while the neighbor lady went with me and showed me all sorts of new stuff. That was nice but I don't remember now what any of it was.

  6. Goodness, you make the grocery store sound downright painful!! Fire up that new coffee pot and Denny's stock will begin to drop soon!

  7. Hi Gary and Jan! Looks like you have another follower. Hello Juha!

    I have missed you guys so I just had to drop in and bother you all again!

    I've been looking through your images; I like these. I also like the fact that you are venturing out into different aspects of photography as art! Nicely done. I likeee!

    Will drop in again soon!

    p.s. Gary was reading the second book but decided to read the first one. Got a loaner from a fellow camera club member. Awesome stuff. Now if I could just remember it all! LOL