Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nikon Is Falling Down on the Job

It is obvious that Nikon must immediately increase their Research and Development area exponentially. I didn't get interested in Nikon until the introduction of the D200 but having watched the forums since that time it is abundantly obvious that Nikon doesn't know what in the #^@#@$$& they are doing.

Every time a new model is introduced at least one third of the Nikon owners--or wantabe Nikon owners--seem to know better than Nikon how the camera should have been engineered. Just think of all the people that would have high paying engineering jobs if only Nikon would hire all of them and ship them off to Japan.

I will never forget how miserable I was supposed to be with the D200 because Nikon had engineered the battery so poorly or at least selected the wrong battery for the camera. I purchased four batteries and so help me I almost never replaced a battery. When I gave away the D200 I included two batteries because I just didn't need them for the D700. I will more frequently loan a battery to a fellow photographer that forgot and left theirs on the charger at home than I will replace a battery during a shoot. I was going to have to buy the very best lenses or all the corners would be out of focus.

Now with the D800 and the 36mp sensor--same thing as when the D200 came out with a 10mp that you would have to buy all new glass because the sensors were so small that you will only be able to get by with the newest and most expensive lenses available. It seems that those that know the least about anything make most of the noise--especially if it is negative.

The D200, in spite of the wailing and nashing of teeth functioned very well with the Tokina lenses that I purchased. The one that I didn't give away functions very well on the D700--and I will probably use it on the D800 if I decided to go that way.


  1. So, does this mean you will be getting the D800?

  2. You know me will... It is so difficult to convience myself that I DO NOT need the D800. I really can't answer that question right now but it is under consideration.