Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Day Doing a Single Self Portrait

An interesting day spent in taking a single photograph. The February competition at NWHPC is Self Portrait. I spent the entire day taking one photo. You can enter two and I have had the other one ready for a week or so and I am pressing the deadline to get it to Mpix and back in time for the competition. I am anxious to post both but too often I jump the gun and post my competition shots ahead of time. That takes all the fun out of seeing the prints for the first time at the meeting so this time I am not going to do that.

As most everyone that follows the blog knows, I am constantly doing self portraits so why didn’t I just use one of them? Well because I had something in mind that I wanted to do that I would not do unless I was forced to. The competition gave me a good excuse to put out a little extra effort. I really should be in cleaning up the mess I made rather than posting to the blog.
Next month’s competition is Fast Food Icons. Again I probably shoot a dozen or so photographs every week in Denny’s. They are jesting that Denny’s doesn’t qualify but I think they would let me get by with it anyway. However I think I already have the two photographs one from a Whataburger and one from McDonalds. They were shot last year but they come within the allowable time frame. They will do unless I do something that I like better between now and then. I actually did a McDonald’s shot last Sunday on the way to the photoshoot at the Galleria.
Denny's Sometime This Week
McDonald's Sunday


  1. Ok, Gary, I am jealous of the McDonalds shot - love what you did with the lighting, placement of print, waded napkin, etc and yet it doesn't look a bit staged. I even love the detail (who eats pepper on their sausage biscuit?)

    At first glance, it actually looked like art! I guess that was the point? Most of all, it makes me hungry for a sausage/egg and cheese biscuit from McDonalds!! Yes, they have McDonalds in Indonesia but with a different menu, their biggest seller being a chicken leg and ball of rice. I thought McDonalds was supposed to be about my favorites - biscuits and fried apple and cherry pies. Heck, I'd even settle for the breakfast oatmeal, but alas, none of that to be found either. And what? No diet cokes? Come on!!!

    Super job and I predict you have a winner on your hands. You would if I were judging. Now no more food pictures, ok??

  2. Hey, eat and take pictures is all I do. Please don't tell me I can't combine the two. LOL Well, I sleep but it is difficult to take pictures when you are asleep. Pepper--lots of pepper. Went back home one time, was having breakfast, peppered my eggs and my Dad looked over and said, "Please tell me you are not going to eat that." If they're not black they're not eggs. I know people think that I am crying at Denny's. My eyes water, my nose runs, I sneeze and just keep shoveling it in. I do burgers the same way. You can keep the salt but don't deny me my pepper.

  3. Jan, Sausage/Egg/Cheese biscuit is my favorite as well. I'm sorry they don't have that there. Would you like me to send you a couple?

    I'm with Gary when it comes to pepper, I love it. Perhaps I don't make my food black, but I do love the taste pepper gives.

    Gary, I'm with Jan on the McDonald's shot; a winner in my book as well. I must say it would probably not win in my camera club, nevertheless, outside the camera club mentality, it is a winner!