Monday, December 12, 2011

Some Shots from Saturday

Subtitle: The Men That Scares the Boxers Off of Big Sis...

The Bad News is that they have Chicks....

And they are raising replacements...

And they say things like, God Bless America and they know the words to the National Anthem!

These along with thousands more gathered at Houston Veteran's Memorial Cemetery on December 10th 2011 to place 31,000 wreaths on the headstone of American's War Veterans.


  1. Gary, you have a wonderful body of work here. This would make a great book! The first image really impacted me, very poignant! It was my favorite!

  2. Bekkie, thank you. You sound awfully busy. Are you and Jim getting to do much biking? Sorry to hear about your parents. Having some small experience at caregiving I understand the situation.

    I was pleased with my shots last year of the bikers as they came in; got a good position with good backgrounds. This year they changed the route so I was in the wrong place. I decided to do more individual shots and to really concentrate on getting some of the association insignias on the jackets.

    I am partial to the first photograph also. That is a face that I would not wish to encounter in a dark alley, but the back of his jacket says, Ambassadors for Jesus Christ and below that Motorcycle Ministry. Many of the jackets had religious connotations.

    I am pleased that you saw these as a possible book because I have been considering doing that. I have gotten very far behind in doing my journals this year, several months behind. One of the reasons is that I am using premium paper and that limits me to 160 pages per book. I can’t get three months of photoshoots into 160 pages so I am having to leave out a lot—which is actually a good thing but not one that I am happy about. So I may do some of the shoots as individual books to solve the problem. I have the clay pigeon shoot for Homes for Our Troops coming up in January and if it is anything like last year that will be more than enough for another book. And I’ve started doing the “mini portfolios” so I over extend myself constantly. Can’t seem to decide which direction to go most of the time.

    It is good to hear from you and look forward to one day doing some discussions of Photographically Speaking. Glad to see that I am not the only one with a library next to the john. LOL

  3. SO painful to see, so many have spent their life for others. How thankful we need to be. Great Body take it further, People care, people want to know.

    Happy Holiday.