Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Red Letter Day

Okay, red letter day, red letter day—I left the house and I didn’t even have a photoshoot to go to!!!! And was that just the beginning. I ate breakfast at Denny’s and came out with a clean t-shirt. Then I went to the Veteran’s Cemetery for photo and when I got home my new bed pillow was waiting on the front porch. Now if that is not a red letter day I don’t know what is.

And I had extra syrup!! When I eat at Denny’s I wear a t-shirt under a regular shirt. I leave the regular shirt open—all the syrup drips go onto the t-shirt and when I leave I button the regular shirt. Today, I was able to leave the regular shirt unbuttoned—that doesn’t happen often.

I was so proud I hardly knew what to do with myself. Many years ago I went on a road trip with an aunt, uncle and my cousin J (the names have been changed to protect the guilty.) J was several years younger than me and oh so spoiled rotten. I guess she was about five or so then. Somewhere in Wyoming or Montana J felt compelled to announce to everyone that she was being so good she hardly knew what to do with herself. Today, leaving Denny’s I knew exactly how she felt.

I had gone out last weekend to photograph the wreath laying at the Houston Veteran’s Cemetery. I photographed mostly people so I wanted to go back today and photographs the wreaths. I wanted to get a photo that gave some idea of the number of wreaths—hardly possible since there were 31,000, but I wanted to get several in one photo. I took the 200mm because I wanted to compress the markers as much as possible—should have taken the 300 with the extender and a tripod. I also wanted to do some close ups with the Samsung which I did.

Then when I got home the box with the new pillow had arrived. I am looking forward to tonight. I gave up on pillows years ago and just accepted the fact that I was going to have a headache when I woke up. Anything that presses against the top of my head and it will be blowing out the top the next morning, so soft pillows are a no no. Actually for the past ten years I have been sleeping on buckwheat pillows—which is very much like sleeping on a contoured rock. The one I have must be worn out because I used to be able to run my hand over it to smooth it out to start from scratch, but now that doesn’t work anymore. So now I have a rock with lumps. For a while I toyed with the idea of making my own pillow with the gel that they use in wheelchair cushions, seemed like an ideal solution, but never got around to it. The new one is from the company that makes the Sleep Number Bed so it is ridiculously overpriced—the last time I paid this much for a pillow was for two kingsized goose down pillows back in the Sixties—then I got two for less than this one. I won’t throw out the buckwheat because there is a thirty day return policy and believe me it will be a great improvement or it’s going back. So wish me luck!!!!!


  1. awesome photos, Gary - the first one are "over the top!" in all honesty, i like the ones devoid of people much more than the ones the day the wreaths were put out.

    as for pillow stories, yours can't possibly top ronnie's! he does make his own pillows (rediculous!) and i hate them every one!! he has taken to stuffing small pillow cases with cotton batting, but not before he makes little "wads" to fill them with. i long ago quit trying him a pillow because he is impossible to please and i got tired of hauling them back to the store. now he makes his own and he is happy. and i am...well...whatever!! i'm sorry but i predict yours will be going back as well! merry christmas!!

  2. Jan, going back is a good possibility. It wasn't as bad as my old buckwheat but it has the same problem as most store bought pillows--it is too deep, not up and down--front to back. The perfect pillow would be no deeper then twelve inches. My buckwheat is only about nine inches which is why it works for me. It's really a travel pillow so I have to put another pillow under it to make it high enogh. I did have a mild headache this morning--not nearly as bad as it can get. Anyway, we'll see.

  3. I'm with Jan here. These are incredibly emotive images! I likeee!

    Just wanted to wish you and Jan a wonderfilled Christmas. Thinking about you all.

    I'm off to visit my parents. I think mom and I will run out and play with some wigs!! We should get a few laughs and chuckles out of that!

    See you later guys!

  4. Merry Christmas to you too Bekkie! I hope one day to meet you "for real"! Any plans to travel to Houston?? I hope to take another fall road trip one of these days and visit your beautiful state again!

    Gary, whenever you find the "perfect" pillow, please let me know. If you like it, I think there's a good chance Ronnie would like it as well. I once found him a buckwheat type pillow (between regular and travel size) at Bed, Bath & Beyond. It sometimes gets used in a pinch, but mostly it's the homemade jobs.

    About the photo - very interesting! It's hard to believe you could find ANY street in Houston without people or cars, even on Christmas day. The photo in itself (especially knowing it was taken in this city) is interesting, but also I had to study it to determine whether it was B&W or color or just what kind of treatment you gave it?? Like Bekkie, I likeee!

    I wish there was a feature on this blog where a reader gets notified when there is a reply. Is there some setting that would make that happen?

    Sounds like you both had a great day. We're not having our Christmas until tomorrow. I'll just take this opportunity to wish you both a Happy New Year and lots of happy shutter clicks!

  5. Jan, I've given up on getting blog notifications--it hasn't improved since the days of the Discussion Blog.I think I have tweaked each and everything available setting to no avail.

    I think the pillow is a keeper. I have not tried making any adjustments, just using it where it was set. The first thing I thought of this morning when I got up was that it was the third day in a row I have woke up without a headache--at least a rip snorting one like I frequenty have. This could send Excedrin (my prefered breakfast)stock into a tail spin. If you are considering it they have it on sale with $60 buck off right now--I heard someone over that direction kinda liked sales. LOL Google Sleep Number Bed and look at the pillows. I got the cheapest of the Air Fit. It is not my Perfect Pillow. I could still redesign it but it is better than anthing I have probably ever had.

  6. Bekkie, thank you. Hope you and Jim had a great Christmas and a safe trip to your Mom's. I have been in such a habit out sitting out family holidays for so long that most turn out just to be another day. I do appreciate the greetings and feel very remiss that I seldom express such in return.