Monday, November 14, 2011

NWHPC Meetup Downtown Houston Night Photoshoot

Had a really great evening. We had a good turn out, many who had just joined the group within the past week. Met at Preston and Main where we were accosted by the metro police the last club photoshoot downtown. Shot along Main, Old Market Square and finally at the Downtown Aquarium. A few turned back or went a different direction before we reached the Aquarium--they missed out. We hired a carriage to take us back to Cabos and spent the rest of the evening (closed the joint) talking photography on the second floor deck. It was great weather, a great group of photographers--couldn't have asked for anything more. Can't wait to see all of the photos posted to the Meet Up page.

I got there early to scout out some locations. Wandered around with the Samsung shooting photographs. I am really enjoying the Samsung. Actually I took more photos with it than I did the Nikon. Anyway, I came across this strange storefront alcove not far up Main Street from where we were to meet.

A Cold Drink at Nikos Nikos in Old Market Square
Frank's, Cabo's Deck and the Esperson Building
And even did some night time shots.

The Seven Wonders with the Hard Rock Cafe in the Distance

One of the Water Courts at the Downtown Aquarium

Caricature Artists at the Downtown Aquaruim

Off the Tripod

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