Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bringing Sam Home

Headed Home With Sam
It was a long dreary, dull, rainy trip to bring Sam home from the poinsettia nursery in Brenham. I tried to wait out the rain at a Denny’s about a third of the way there but with the new meds I can’t sit still that long. It slacked off a little somewhere around Hempstead.  Coming home it was off and on until I got almost back to Houston where it started up again. Talk radio is so dull on the weekends—Car Show Pro on Saturday and Gun Talk on Sunday. Every Saturday I end up researching new cars and every Sunday have the urge for a Glock 19. Fortunately there is always a Monday and the money is still in the bank.


  1. A new car won't strand you on the side of the road (hopefully). I vote the car. Besides, what good is having something you can't use? You'll get a lot more use out of the car than the Glock. But don't research it for long - just get what you want

  2. Jan, I drove my last vehicle for seventeen years, this one is only twelve years--I'm just not much of a car fan which is why I keep procrastinating. True, I have yet to fire the Ruger I bought a few months ago but it makes a really macho nice paperweight. Maybe I should chuck both and go for a Leica M9. LOL