Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Portfolio Challenge, Phase One

Well, phase one of Portfolio Challenge is over--on to two. Last night was the public showing of the portfolios. Tomorrow night will be the review. I'm not sure which creates the most aprehension. Fortunately I was not required to read the artist statement, just talk about photographs of coffee cups. That was a relief.

Anyway, I have been in a major blue funk for the last couple of days so I was pleased to be able to joke about photographing coffee cups rather than talk about the photographs. On top of that Aunt Bea's may be closed--the sign says remodeling but they haven't concerned themselves with the decor for forty years so I suspect that it is likely more permenant than that. It was my only nearby and relatively afforadable place for vegatables.

We did have a good turn out for the viewing and I was impressed with the portfolios. It seems that every year the quality of the portfolios improves. Not sure how many photographers participated but I can only count eleven--that's a fairly low participation but it means that each portfolio will absolutely get three reviews and maybe four which would be good. Just so I don't draw Odin Clay things will be fine.

Michael Young came as my guest and I got an email this morning that both he and Lesa may rejoin the club. Michael is one of the most unusual people that I have ever met so it is always interesting when he is around. I greatly appreciate the help he gave me in selecting the prints for the challenge this year. It really surprised that he might come back.

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