Monday, October 17, 2011


I guess I am feeling a little defeated today. Well, it didn’t just start today but I am considering bringing it to a head today. I started this blog for a number of reasons but mostly to rant, rave and ramble. I was in hopes it would be of some help to family members that wanted to keep up at least occasionally with my activities and that photographer friends would find it of some interest. It seems that outside of Jan, both intentions pretty much have bit the dust.

Jan, I do want to thank you for your continued interest, your friendship. Should I start another blog, which I may you will be the first to know. I may still do the proposed blog I mentioned.

But right now, this one seems hardly worth the effort. I have my Journals which I do each year and at the present they are running behind so for a while anyway I am putting my efforts into them. Thanks to everyone that has shown an interest and offered support along the way.


  1. I enjoy your blog very much.

  2. Anonymous, thank you very much. I am thinking of starting another one, actually it is up just not running. It will be more along the lines that I posted a few days ago where I asked for input. It likely will be by invitation only but if you will send me a pm I will add you to the list of invitees. It may be a month of so because I have other projects that I will be concentrating on right at the present. Again, thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Would love it if you included me! I so much enjoy our friendship even though it's long distance! Hang in there dear friend, you are such an inspiration to me.