Thursday, September 1, 2011

Red Alert, Red Alert--Politics

I know that a personal photographic blog in probably the last place that I should mention politics. The key word in that last sentence is personal, so as I usually do, I do what I want to do regardless of its advisability. LOL

In the last post I mentioned that I don’t have much use for rules unless they are my rules. A friend replied back that I didn’t even follow my rules very well. She is right. Emerson taught me to “say today in harsh words what you think today even though it contradicts everything you said yesterday.” That’s really a paraphrase but I thought the quotation marks made it look impressive. And also something about to be a man you must be a non-conformist and that the world would whip you for your non-conformity. Always found both pieces of advice to be of excellent value. I am for the most part a quiet person and not usually terribly controversial—except when I feel it is needed as in cases political. So, neither advice from Emerson has caused me much discomfort. I look at it this way, if you want to get hacked off at me over my politics I feel certain that I can give you a much more inclusive list of personal proclivities that you will find equally reprehensible to reinforce your position.

I have just spent nearly an hour reading comments on a piece that says that the Republican Insiders think that Romney has a better chance than Perry of defeating Obama. I have been a very political person since I was in probably junior high school (middle school for you young people—as though there are actually any young people that read this blog.) Until the Republican Insiders put John McCain at the head of the ticket in 2008 I had been a lifelong in your face and proud of it Republican. George Bush made as many Independents out of Republicans as Jimmy Carter made Republicans out of Democrats. I hung in until the 2008 election. McCain was my last straw. I did vote for McCain but only because he picked Sarah Palin as a running mate and I was hoping that he would only last a few months until she could get her footing and then we could have a scrumptious not to mention splendiferous (to quote Cummings) state funeral for the old RINO geezer.

As it turns out I lost my vote but that’s okay. McCain has hung on for the majority of BO’s first term so I would have lost my vote anyway. Yeah we possibly would have been better off under McCain but only marginally so what to hey—it was a lose, lose situation at best.

If Romney heads the ticket, this Independent will not vote Republican in 2012. I will not vote Democrat—I simply will not vote for the first time since my vote for Nixon when he ran against Kennedy. I possibly could vote for Perry, Cain or Rubio. I definitely would vote and twice or more times if I could for Ron Paul (unfortunately the only way you can vote more than once legally in Texas is to be a dead Democrat from Duval County—just ask LBJ, I’m sure you will be able to catch him at a polling place in November next year.­) That list will possibly lengthen or shorten as the campaigns move forward. There is only one factor that right now is carved in stone—NO vote for Romney and it has nothing to do with his religion. It has to do with the fact that if we get a Democrat in the White House in 2013, I would just as soon it be one that has the kahonies (SP? spell check doesn’t comprehend and in Texas we generally spell it with only five bouncy letters) to admit that they are a Democrat.

I'll just throw in a photograph so that the post has some relevancy.

This is where I had lunch today. It's a converted dining car along side the UP tracks in northwest Houston. Couldn't do a Table for One shot because I had lunch with my ex-boss, Carolyn Sloan. The serving was enough to two people so now I'm signing off so head for the kitchen to finish it.

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