Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chapter Seven: In Search of Self and the Metaphor

“Photographs, which cannot themselves explain anything are inexhaustible invitations to deduction, speculation and fantasy.”—Susan Sontag

“Photographs that set out to be metaphors for the feelings of the photographer are both difficult to accomplish and hard to understand straight away. To attempt to show our emotions, state of mind or psyche in photographs could appear futile, given the seeming objectivity of the medium. Emotions can be difficult to portray because of their ephemeral quality but as they govern much of our behaviors and continuously affect our lives, they can hardly be ignored. “

“The psychological approach does, of course, make the photographer very vulnerable, as the pictures may be embarrassingly personal or overbearingly symbolic. But if your emotions and inner feelings are honestly expressed, you are less likely to be accused of pretentiousness or self-obsession.” Paul Hill, Approaching Photography, Chapter 7, In Search of Self and the Metasphor, p 115


  1. I really like this Gary, and find the comments interesting as well.

  2. Jan, thank you. I'm already worried about what I am going to do for next years Portfolio Challenge. How am I going to find another air conditioned project???? LOL How are you finding life in Indonesia?

  3. Yes, I think AC is the key phrase! I wish this blog would allow people to see if there is a response. If I don't remember to come back, then I don't see response so please don't think you are ever being ignored if you ask me a question.

    We're ok, but the smog/smoke/pollution/exhaust and sleeping with no AC has really done a number on my sinuses. The worst part of our adjustment has been to having no clean water. Must use bottled water for EVERYTHING except bathing. Veggies have to be washed multiple times and we have to use bottled or boiled water, even to wash dishes. Our washing machine is a joke and no dryer - clothes smell worse after than before. Yikes! So there are a lot of things we miss about home. 2 weeks down, 38 to go, but who's counting? haha i've posted a couple of albums to my FB account - mostly documentary stuff. if i get bored enough, i may try to start a blog. i get tired of having to tell the same stories over and over to different friends and need a place to share photos as well. we'll see...

  4. Wow, interesting situation. Look forward to following the blog.