Monday, June 20, 2011

Forth Adventure

Let's see, in addition to everything else, I stopped at Academy in Katy and bought a folding chair and a new pair of walking shoes--first time in years that I have spent more than $12 for a pair of shoes. Yeah, I'm cheap. But that is not the adventure. I went to the Canvas Church. Interesting experience. Actually a very interesting experience. Chris is an interesting preacher. When the preacher wears flip flops you know it is going to be interesting. The sermon was from Luke 15, as good as any I have heard on the prodigal son and very appropriate for Father's Day.

Afterwards I stopped in Aunt Bea's for dinner. Got a little discussed and only had a glass of tea before I drove to Denny's (I know, surprise, surprise) to eat. Well I would have eaten at Aunt Bea's but after waiting almost forty five minutes for a hamburger steak. The fellow that sit at the table next to me came in ten or fifteen minutes after I did, also ordered a hamburger steak and had it ten minutes or more before I finally gave up. Yes, I know old people are supposed to be patient and I am to a degree. I should have known better than to go to Aunt Bea's on Sunday. But anyway, going to Denny's meant that I could do another of my coffee cup photographs so it was okay--and the ticket was figured correctly. Okay, it's not really a coffee cup photograph but since that is all that most people will see that's what I'll call it.

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