Friday, June 24, 2011

Another Denny's

Had breakfast with Michael Young this morning at our usual 59 Diner. However, just before I pulled off 249 onto 1960 I noticed the eatery sign noted there was a Denny’s at the Greens Road exit. So after breakfast and a great conversation with Michael, I headed out to locate the Denny’s to check out their AARP pricing. Believe it or not, some Denny’s do actually bill AARP correctly. I thanked the gentleman at the counter, mentioned that his was one of the few and that I appreciated it because it was one less phone call I would have to make. He smiled so I take it that he was aware of the problem already.

I’m going to start posting Good Denny’s and Bad Denny’s to my facebook page. I sent an email to AARP yesterday as well as to Denny’s and got no response from either so I guess Monday morning I’ll be on the horn.

First Good Denny’s will be the one on Greens Road just west of 249.

The Bad Denny’s—until I get it resolved—is the one on the corner of West 34th at 290 where the manager argued with me about the pricing. She may have argued but she only got $1.08 because that’s the correct AARP price for coffee. There was an elderly couple that left a few minutes before I did but I sat too far from the register to tell whether or not they used an AARP card. Michael says his is still in the membership package but I may get a little monitoring help on the northwest side from him.

Anyway, while I was there—as coffee logged as I was, I did another in the series. Tomorrow I am going to a photoshoot in Galveston. Already made a list of the Denny’s to hit going and coming. Actually it is really kinda fun. Don’t have Janet to argue with any more and I’ve got to keep up my skills somehow. LOL

Every day it’s a getting’ closer, Goin’ faster than a roller coaster, Love like yours will surely come my way, A hey, a hey hey. Every day seems a little longer, Every way, love’s a little stronger, Come what may, do you ever long for, True love from me…  Old people shouldn’t read signs.

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