Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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Today, I did something photographically that I have never done before--used my D700 on 12800 ISO. I frequently use 3200 but I have never tried 6400 plus 1 EV before. David Bahn, Jerry Klumpp and I met at 59 Diner on 249 at 1960. We were discussing a class on Exposure and Metering that we hope to be teaching in June. During the disccussion we were talking about the higher ISO rating and I shot a few shots not thinking that there would be much merit to the photographs. Well maybe there isn't but I was surprised by what was achieved.

The following photograph was shot at 12800 ISO in Program Mode, Matrix Metering.

The above crop is at 100% when opened to the original posted size. This has no noise reduction.

This is the full frame straight out of the camera--no processing, no noise reduction

Full frame processes, no noise reduction
As you can see, the straight out of camera is very flat. I have noticed this same thing on 3200 ISO. In all I am really impressed with the noise in such a high ISO. Being originally a film shooter, one that ocassionally shot High Speed Recording Film pushed to 3200 ASA in Rodinal, I am accustomed to seeing texture in photogaphs I am not all that bothered with the amount of noise in the 100% crop. Believe me it is considerably less than HS Recording, maybe more like Tri-X. I did look it with noise reduction which does make it considerably smoother. In all, I'm impressed.

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