Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tookie's Gym and the Diversity Sculptures

Niecy Moss in the Ring
I went to a photoshoot with PSHMAP to Tookie’s Martial Arts. I was real excited when Jam first posted the Meetup because I envisioned the Hollywood gym scenes. Tookie’s didn’t quite meet up with my expectations so I had a hard time really getting into the photoshoot.

Downtown from Montrose and Memorial

Two of the Diversity Sculptures with Downtown Buildings
 Then in the evening Debi Beauregard wanted to do a night shoot so we decided to photograph the installation of the Jaume Plensa Diversity sculptures on Allen Parkway at Montrose. It ended up being a great deal of fun. We found a great spot for doing a skyline with light streaks from the traffic head lights and spent quite a bit of time playing with camera movement on the sculptures. The skins of the sculptures are composed of characters of various alphabets which is supposed to represent the diversity of the Houston area. It is an interesting concept. I belive there are either seven or nine of the figures, all are identical except for the selection of characters that make up the skin or shell of the piece.


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