Sunday, March 20, 2011

Keys Found

Janet, like all women insisted on carrying a purse up until the dementia began to take hold. When she no longer showed an interest I started carrying both sets of house keys. With two remotes, the car and the home security system that got to be bulky and after a while I really couldn’t see the need. If I lost one I was just as likely to lose both. I decided to hide her set at home where if someone did break in they would not likely find them. That was probably four years ago or so.

Somewhat over a year ago I thought it might be a good idea to have available an extra set of keys—well, that happened the day I locked my keys in the trunk. My rational was that if I hid something it would most likely be in the bedroom. I went through the pockets of every garment in my closet. I removed and went through each and every box of Christmas decorations which fills the top shelves in my closet. I went through every drawer in the bedroom. I went through Janet’s cedar chest. Then I started the same routine in Janet’s closet. Still no keys so I started on the middle bedroom which is now a computer room. Same routine, remove it all, go through it and replace it. Still no keys so I started on the front bedroom which Janet had used for a studio and is now filled with camera equipment. After two days I called Triple A.

Early next month Houston Photowalk Meet Up group is holding a Hermann Park Photoshoot and Family Picnic Day. They have invited the members of the Houston Portrait Network and the Northwest Houston Photo Club to join them. Since I will be picnicking by myself I got to thinking about the picnics that Janet use to do. She would go to Antoine’s to get a couple or three types of cheese, pick up a fresh loaf of French bread, some apples and an inexpensive bottle of wine. I thought I just might do the same.

On a shelf in the kitchen, undisturbed for years we have a set of pewter wine glasses that Janet bought to use on the boat and I thought that if I did decide to get a bottle of wine that I might just use one of the pewter goblets for my picnic. I went to get one and noticed one of the smaller after dinner size goblets sitting up front so I picked it up. When I looked inside there was this strange looking black thing—the car remote. Of all places to hide a set of car keys. Believe me I would never have looked in a wine glass in a kitchen cabinet for house keys. Obviously because I spent two days looking for them and didn’t. Now if I can find where I hid Janet’s wedding band I will have life back together.

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