Saturday, February 19, 2011

Glenwood Cemetery Again

Today was the official Glenwood Cemetery Photoshoot with Houston Photowalk. In spite of thinking that I had missed the opportunity I did get on the list for the 7am shoot which is what I wanted. After shooting there last Monday in the afternoon I wanted the morning light.

I got there thirty minutes early along with Rubin and Debi. Debi and I took of to take photographs and we got in trouble because we did not stick around for the social event and the group photograph. I’m not social and I don’t photograph well so I think I came out the winner. Debi and I shot together until around 10:30am when I needed my coffee so we headed to Denny’s—where else.

Outside of taking a nasty fall on wet grass, twisting my ankle and my leg pretty badly it was a pretty good day. Thank goodness I didn’t hit any of the masonry except for a glancing blow with my head as I was sliding down. Fortunately I slid into a tree that stopped my slide all the way down the bank and possibly worse injuries. Old people should stay off of steep slopes of wet grass. I think the swelling has already gone down, but my knees still hurt. Didn’t stop me from taking photographs so it was no big deal. I guess now that Janet isn’t keeping EMS busy it’s my turn.


  1. Gary, I've seen a lot and taken a lot of photographs from Glenwood Cemetery. These are very nice. The strong diagonal in the first one is great. The third one is also a favorite. I'm guessing you used the lens baby on the second one? Something about the weeping angel bothers me - it looks as if it is leaning (although the horizontal piece aligns with the frame) but it is still somewhat bothersome to my anal retentive self.

    I'm glad to see you are getting so much shooting in. I'm very sorry about the fall and hope you didn't do any permanent damage!

  2. Jan, thanks. I will straighten the weeping angel because it bothers me also. I did not realize how much I photograph using the diagonal until I started posting my photographs to the internet. I guess I must like it. The third one is one of my two favorite monuments in Glenwood, the weeping angel being the other one. His wings are askew which makes him unique. I have another shot of him on Flickr, a horizontal that I like a lot also.

    There were two photographers near by when I took my tumble down the slope. One sent an email today asking how I was. I told her that my legs hurt so much all of the time that it is difficult to tell if there was any additional damage. I don’t think there was. Most of the pain in the ankle was gone by the next morning so I am back to my normal old person pain threshold. LOL